Unceded Chiefs


Unceded Chiefs (57:36)
Director: Doreen Manuel

Unceded Chiefs traces the historic early activism of BC First Nations Leaders who in the late 1960’s unified in a battle against the Canadian government to reject Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s proposed 1969 White Paper Policy. Director Doreen Manuel skilfully weaves a story of resilience and determination through interviews and archival audio with the people who lived the battle and the children of the Chiefs who had dedicated their lives to the leadership and survival of their Aboriginal title and rights.








Director: Doreen Manual

News and Screenings

Doreen Manuel (Secwepemc/Ktunaxa) MFA, Film Production, is the daughter of renowned international leader, the late, George Manuel.

She is the first Indigenous woman to: hold a position on the board of Directors of Knowledge Network; and to hold the position of Director of a major film centre in Canada. She is the 2019 Woman of the Year for Women in Film and TV Vancouver (WIFTV); the recipient of the Leadership in Education award; and many other film industry and education leadership awards both provincially and nationally.

Doreen has 15 years-experience in the film industry, 33 years-experience teaching and a lifetime dedicated to environmental stewardship. Doreen comes from a long line of oral historians and factual story gatherers from her First Nations traditional background.



Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Canadian Premiere, March 3-8, 2020

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World Premiere

World Premiere Sunday October 27, 2019 12:00pm. Brava Theatre Centre, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco California America Indian Film Festival

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Unceded Chiefs Credits

Writer/Director/ Producer
Doreen Manuel

Director of Photography
Micheal Auger

Location Sound
Petie (Danette) Chalifoux
Esteban Manuel

Camera Operators
Cam Watts
Esteban Manuel
Micheal Auger
Ryan Atimoyoo

Animation Artist
Don Perro

Sound Designer
Micheal Auger

Visual Effects/Graphic Design
Micheal Auger
Petie Chalifoux

Data Manager
Claudia Manuel

Claudia Manuel
Doreen Manuel

Karen Matthews
Stephanie Shanklin
Michelle Redekop
Sabrina Witwicki
Mandy Kozie

Hair and Make Up
Jose Vasquez

Melissa Adams
Jennifer Gibson
Tia Williams

Kaitlyn Red Crow
Jessie Anthony

Production Manager
Petie Chalifoux

Set Décor and Props
Alannah Mandamin

Craft Services
Tristin Greyeyes
Nicole Schabus

Interview Subjects
Doreen Manuel
Bill Mussell
Manny Jules
Ray Harris
Marge White
John Elliot
Murial Sasakamoose
Brian Bob
Kevin Paul
Ed Newman
Stewart Phillip
Russell Diabo

Malinali Anulo
Nelson Baptiste
Phillis Brown
Clarence Jules II
Clarence Jules  III
John Jules
Albert McHalsie
Wasayka Manuel
Anita Rose Manuel
Doreen Manuel
John Morin
Arnold Peters
Arlene Proska
Murial Sasakamoose
Marcel Shackelly
Colin Van Loon
Margaret Vickers
Lawrence Williams
Charles Billy